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Winter Bakeshop Diffuser Oil

Light + Bark Candle Co.

Winter Bakeshop Diffuser Oil

$16.00 $5.00

This small bottle of our hand-blended, concentrated fragrance oil packs a punch! To diffuse, simply drip a few drops (we recommend 1-2 drops per 100ml of water) into the water-filled well of any approved ultrasonic diffuser for fine-misted, flame-free fragrance in your home! 

Don't have a diffuser? Try our adorable Candyl Diffuser, which looks like a candle but works like a diffuser :).

Notes: cinnamon, sweet dough + vanilla

Weight: 0.6 oz (15 ml)

Shelf Life: best if used within a year

Feels like: You just walked into the warm corner bakery on a chilly morning, and are greeted by the wafting aroma of baking sweet dough, heavy dustings of cinnamon, buttery sugar cookies and vanilla. Nothing rings in the holidays like your favorite family recipes baked fresh, and you'll love using this scent in your diffuser without the heat of turning on the oven!

More on diffuser oils:

  • What is an ultrasonic diffuser?  A diffuser which uses water and oils only - no heat or flame - to scent your space. It utilizes ultrasonic (read: small, fast, and undetectable to the ear) vibrations to break down the water and fragrance or essential oils into ultra-fine particles, creating a fine, cool mist and dispersing it into the air.
  • Are these fragrance oils safe to use in an ultrasonic diffuser?  We have researched and tested to ensure that these fragrance oils are approved for use in mists and diffusers, and we source all of our fragrance oils to be toxin-free. So yes, they are safe for use in such a diffuser!