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Vecna’s Curse
Vecna’s Curse
Vecna’s Curse

Light + Bark Candle Co.

Vecna’s Curse


Notes: palo santo, amber, resinous incense + smoke

Burn: 8 oz / 50+ hour

Vecna's clock ticks slowly, methodically and ominous. You've found yourself in his Upside Down, cloaked in deep red clouds and the scorched, broken wasteland of what you once knew. You can faintly hear Kate Bush crooning if I only could, I'd make a deal with God...., but Vecna's tentacle grip is tightening. You reach deep as your memories flash across your eyes like a movie trailer... you break free, and you're running.. running.... 

Enveloping you is the scent of burning palo santo wood, warm amber, resinous incense and smoke of the smoldering world around you that you hope you'll escape. 

The Stranger Scents collection is an original collection of candles and fragrance blends created by Light + Bark Candle Co. to honor our favorite creepy Netflix series, Stranger Things.