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Storyteller Series No. 010: Leather Couch
Storyteller Series No. 010: Leather Couch
Storyteller Series No. 010: Leather Couch
Storyteller Series No. 010: Leather Couch

Light + Bark Candle Co

Storyteller Series No. 010: Leather Couch


Top // lemon, bergamot, neroli

Middle // smoky tobacco, teakwood, amber

Bottom // leather, cedar, cherry wood

Burn is 8 oz / 40+ hours


This candle is for Friday nights.

For slipping off your shoes the minute you walk through the door from the long day and heading to the dark kitchen to pour two fingers of whiskey. For holding your rocks glass in one hand, lighting a candle with the other, and sinking your tired bones deeply into a worn leather couch. For letting it all go, being comforted by lived-in softness and many more nights just like this that came before.

This candle is oooohh and ahhhhhh; it is a dimly lit room; it is being wrapped in a sexy hug; and it is the richness and comfort of smoky woods + aged leather without harming any animals ♥.

Fans of manly candles, you need to meet Leather Couch.


The Storyteller Series is a small batch collection of candles that is released the first week of each month to our insiders email club. Releases are limited in quantity, so once they are sold out, they are gone. Each of these candles is meant to evoke a person, place, feeling, season or thing through a special scent blend and accompanying story. You may find yourself reflected in these stories, be comforted by a familiar memory, or even whisked away to somewhere enchanted or dreamy. Whatever the case may be, these candles are meant to provide a little moment of escape in your day to day in a fun + unique way.