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Welcome to Light + Bark, previously DOG Candle Co. Welcome to Light + Bark, previously DOG Candle Co.
Storyteller Series No. 003: Thankful
Storyteller Series No. 003: Thankful
Storyteller Series No. 003: Thankful

DOG Candle Co

Storyteller Series No. 003: Thankful

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When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.
— Willie Nelson

Food was my first love.

My fondest memories are ones of flitting around the kitchen with my mom, chopping, stirring, whisking, pouring and popping things in and out of the oven, creating a tantalizing harmony of aromas that teased us about the meal we were about to eat. On Mother's Day, it was the syrupy sweet creme brulee french toast slowly caramelizing in the oven... on Christmas, mom's famous cheesecake that we'd eat by spoonfuls from the bowl before even baking it... on Thanksgiving, garden-fresh herbs and peppery crumbled sausage browning on the stove for my favorite accompaniment, stuffing.

Cooking food equated to love; enjoying it together was bonding. Do you have memories like this, too?

I am so thankful that both sides of my family love spending time in the kitchen cooking; that growing up, these are some of my best memories of spending time together. To this day, using my hands to create something delicious and beautiful and sharing it with others is my zen, my happy place.

November - the month of Thanksgiving - gets me reminiscing about these happy food memories, and shifting my focus to the feel-good season. To gathering with people I love. To returning to the simple things and slowing down for a moment to enjoy them.

I am not naive to the fact that for many, this season also brings with it some sadness, anxiety and depression. Some not so great memories. Our world right now is also especially ripe with turmoil. If you choose it, there is plenty of negative to focus on. Stress abounds, if we let it.

But with this month's candle, I am inviting you to slow down, breathe, and think about what you are thankful for. Science even seems to indicate that thinking about, writing about, and/or expressing gratitude for what we already have in front of us and what is going right can actually make us happier + healthier. Our world needs more of this to heal, but rather than trying to change the world all at once, I'm inviting you to just start with you.


Thankful is a sweet + herbaceous blend of simmering cranberry jam, fresh rosemary and thyme, orange peels, spicy black peppercorn and earthy oakmoss, sage and cedar. Perfect for your kitchen counter and as a gift of gratitude for someone else this season. Only 33 of this candle available, so snag yours before they disappear.


The Storyteller Series is a small batch collection of candles that is released the first of each month to our insiders email club. Releases are limited in quantity, so once they are sold out, they are gone. Each of these candles is meant to evoke a person, place, feeling, season or thing through a special scent blend and accompanying story. You may find yourself reflected in these stories, be comforted by a familiar memory, or even whisked away to somewhere enchanted or dreamy. Whatever the case may be, these candles are meant to provide a little moment of escape in your day to day in a fun + unique way.