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Our Fall Festival Collection is here 🤎 Our Fall Festival Collection is here 🤎
Ponderosa Blend Coffee


Ponderosa Blend Coffee

$22.00 $16.50

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Raw Honey

Provision’s Ponderosa is a dark roast done differently. Better yet, it is a bold coffee of carefully selected beans emphasizing caramel sweetness, balanced dark chocolate, and smooth raw honey. This coffee is strong enough to hold up to milk and sugar, or can be enjoyed black.

Provision believes in a utilitarian approach to this coffee, so feel free to use it as espresso, pour over, french press, cold brew, or however your barista heart desires! No matter the season's coffee components, the Ponderosa blend will always maintain those rich and robust notes we all come to enjoy in a more developed coffee.