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Our Fall Festival Collection is here 🤎 Our Fall Festival Collection is here 🤎
Palo Verde Blend Coffee


Palo Verde Blend Coffee

$22.00 $16.50

Tasting notes: Bright, Floral, Seasonal Allergies

Inspired by the stunning flora and fauna of the Sonoran desert, the Palo Verde Blend is Provision's first ever seasonal offering that honors the spring - and is available only as long as the Palo Verde flowers stay in bloom!

They've taken two washed coffees from Colombia and Kenya and (lightly) roasted them to perfection, resulting in a blend that's bursting with bright and floral flavors of jasmine, bergamot, and guava. And for those of you who are starting to really feel the seasonal allergies from all of the palo verde and bougainvillea flying through the area, we recommend sweetening it up with some local honey—trust us, it works wonders.