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Lover’s Lake
Lover’s Lake
Lover’s Lake

Light + Bark Candle Co.

Lover’s Lake


Notes: dark water, wild roots, oakmoss + damp fern

Burn: 8 oz / 50+ hour

Lover's Lake, though named after its heart shape, is seeped in sinister energy. After Vecna snatched Patrick while swimming after a panicked Eddie Munson and broke him over the dark lake, another gate was cracked open underneath, once again allowing the Upside Down and Hawkins to bleed together.

Follow Steve as he dives into the dangerous depths of dark water through oakmoss and damp fern to locate the gate, tangling himself with the wild roots of the Upside Down as he bravely battles Demobats under a storming sky. 

The Stranger Scents collection is an original collection of candles and fragrance blends created by Light + Bark Candle Co. to honor our favorite creepy Netflix series, Stranger Things.