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Hopper’s Cabin
Hopper’s Cabin
Hopper’s Cabin

Light + Bark Candle Co.

Hopper’s Cabin


Notes: sweet pipe tobacco, cedar wood, bay leaf + earthen oak

Burn: 8 oz / 50+ hour

Nestled deep in the woods of Hawkins, Indiana lies Hopper's Cabin, formerly belonging to his grandfather. Here, surrounded by trees, trip wires and a secret knock, Chief Jim Hopper safely hides Eleven away from the evil Dr. Brenner and Hawkins National Laboratory who seeks to locate and steal her - their most powerful weapon - back.

Spend a night safe at their secret cozy cabin amidst the cedar wood walls, fresh bay leaves and fir needles, Hopper's tobacco and a little sweet sandalwood + oak fragrance like we imagine he wears. 

The Stranger Scents collection is an original collection of candles and fragrance blends created by Light + Bark Candle Co. to honor our favorite creepy Netflix series, Stranger Things.