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The Demogorgon
The Demogorgon
The Demogorgon

Light + Bark Candle Co.

The Demogorgon


Notes: moonflower, sweet nectar, whipped vanilla + cashmere musk

Burn: 8 oz / 50+ hour

Don't mistake its dog-like appearance for a pet; the Demogorgon is dangerous and out for blood. Emerging from the dark and mysterious Upside Down, armies of these Demogorgons and Demodogs flock and seek to destroy Hawkins to gain mass control for their hive mind leader, the Mind Flayer.

If it weren't so evil, the Demogorgon's flayed flower shaped head and deep red mouth might smell like night-blooming moonflowers, sweet red fruit nectar, whipped vanilla, a hint of caramel apple and cashmere musk. 

The Stranger Scents collection is an original collection of candles and fragrance blends created by Light + Bark Candle Co. to honor our favorite creepy Netflix series, Stranger Things.